40 Year Warranty
Metal roofs offer a wide range of benefits over traditional asphalt shingle roofing. While metal roofs tend to cost slightly more than traditional options, a metal roof will save vast amounts of money long term. ​​We’re confident that your expertly installed metal roof will last for decades and that’s why we’re also willing to offer you a 40-year warranty on your metal roof and even beyond if you choose to go with our metal shingle products.

Choose From Three Types

We offer three main types of metal roofs for our customers to best meet their needs and financial situation.

Metal Shingles

Highest Quality & Aesthetics
Premium Style roof
Our highest quality product. These metal shingle products emulate slate or wood shake, but with the benefits of metal. This is our Rolls-Royce option for those who want the best.
Best Quality Option
Alternate Appearance to Metal
Incredible Durability
No Exposed Fasteners
Multiple Color and Style Options
Suited For All Home Types
Best Value

Standing Seam

Long Lasting Beauty
Standing Steam roof
A step up from our tradition metal panels with a higher aesthetic appeal. Internal seams and fasteners dramatically improve life-long durability.
More Aesthetic Appeal
Higher End Look
Highly Durable
Multiple Color Options
No Exposed Fasteners
Suited For All Home Types

Traditional Panels

Durability & Affordability
Traditional Panel roof
Our most affordable option that lasts a lifetime. Vastly superior to traditional asphalt shingle roofs but without the cost of the bells and whistles of higher end metal roofs.
Cost Effective
Highly Durable
Multiple Color Options
Screw Down Panel
Suited For All Home Types

Our Fasteners

Failure Proof

We use fasteners specifically designed for metal roofing, and our work truly lasts without having failure points. Whether your roof is 30 years old or 100mph winds come ripping through Tennessee, you can rest assured your metal roof will last.

Corrosion Resistant

Our fasteners come with a corrosion resistant paint that matches with the color of your roof, helping them to blend in while also standing up to weather without any signs of rust! The paint also resists fading, helping them to keep the same beautiful color over the years right along with the roof itself.
Our metal roofs can come in a variety of colors to match your home!
Our paint is long lasting and helps to reflect energy, reducing your home’s cooling needs. This allows our metal roofs to help reduce cooling demand by nearly 25%, saving you money every month on electricity and they are considered an Energy Star Product!
Color swatches

Now's The Time To Go Solar

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Learn More About The Benefits of Metal Roofs

We understand that picking out a brand new roof can be tricky business, especially when it comes to making the decision between a metal or a traditional asphalt shingle roof. But that’s why we’re here, to help guide you to make the best decision for your home and family.

Cost Savings

Metal roofs also help increase the value of your home while reducing home insurance premiums and even saving money on energy bills. This allows metal roofs to actually pay for themselves over the years in savings, something a traditional roof will never do!


Whether your roof is 30 years old or 100mph winds come ripping through, you can rest assured your metal roof will last, and many home insurance companies will pass that peace of mind onto you with lower monthly premiums, helping you save money!

Long Lasting

We’re confident that your expertly installed metal roof will last for decades and that’s why we’re willing to offer you a 40-year warranty on your metal roof. Our Metal Shingle products have even longer warranties!

Quick Installation

Another great benefit is how quickly metal roofs can be installed. While the process of getting a traditional shingle roof could take several weeks, our work can be done in less than a week as long as materials are available, from getting financed to having a finished roof. The install itself can typically be done in just one day!

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