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Metal roofs offer a wide range of benefits over traditional asphalt shingle roofing. While metal roofs tend to cost slightly more than traditional options, a metal roof will save vast amounts of money long term.

Metal Roofs Compared To Traditional Roofs

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Average Lifetime of the Roof:
Average Roof Warranty:
Non-Prorated Warranty:
Length of Roof Install Process:
Wind Rating
Styles and Colors

Metal Roof

75+ years
40-80 years
1-2 weeks
140+ mph
Huge Variety

Shingle Roof

5 - 15 years
15 - 30 years*
2-4 weeks
60 - 100 mph
Limited Choices

Composite Roof

15 - 30 years
1 - 2 weeks
10 - 20 years
15 - 30 years
1 - 2 weeks
10 - 20 years

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Metal vs. Shingle Roof Savings Over the Lifetime

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Total Lifetime Savings

Home Insurance Premium Savings
Energy Savings
DISCLAIMER: This is not a guarantee on pricing or savings, but gives general range of savings. The Metal Roofers cannot give an accurate price or savings expectation without first seeing the home due to factors such as roof design, multiple stories, type of metal roofing, and more. Likewise, insurance companies vary in their premium reductions for metal roofs and energy savings depend on numerous variables.
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