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From gutter replacement or installation to storm damage repair to interior and exterior renovations, we can help with a variety of home services beyond just your roof! Working with our trusted team of contractors helps to streamline the renovation or repair process so you aren’t communicating with dozens of companies across services, and you are sure to get the highest quality results The Metal Roofers is known for.

Our Gutter Services

Man installing gutterMan installing gutter

Our Gutter Installation Services

It’s time to upgrade your home today with top quality downspout and gutter installation services from The Metal Roofers. Our professional team is here to help you replace your gutters at the perfect time. We strive to find the ideal solution for your home, needs and budget.

Using a variety of materials from premier manufacturers in the industry, we install gutters that fit your home’s needs. Our installation process is quick and seamless, while the products we use provide weather protection and incredible durability. The process begins when our gutter experts do a thorough evaluation of your home’s gutters. Once we know where the issues are, we’re able to recommend the proper solutions at the ideal price point.

Types of Gutters We Install:

  • Copper Gutter Systems
    One of the best gutter options for adding a visually appealing style to your home. The craftsmanship of copper gutters is second to none and the material naturally ages well. Copper gutters tend to be pricey compared to other options and require professional installation from The Metal Roofers. However, they’re long lasting, durable, and will never rust.
  • Seamless Gutters:
    If you’re looking for an affordable, seamless gutter option, the aluminum version tends to do a fantastic job. These custom-made gutters are designed to perfectly fit your home and can be considered a long-lasting solution that will never crack or split.
  • Half-Round Gutters:
    This gutter style never will clog or suffer corrosion. As such, half-round gutters are easy to take care of and clean. However, these gutters cannot handle tons of rain. As such, areas with tons of rainfall should steer clear of this solution.
  • K-Style Gutters:
    This gutter solution is available in multiple sizes and can hold a lot of rainfall – if need be. However, k-style gutters aren’t perfect, either. These gutters can be exceptionally difficult to clean.
  • Gutter Guards:
    At The Metal Roofers, we’re a huge fan of gutter guards and screens. These solutions can be combined with a variety of gutter systems and will save your time and money in the long run. Gutter guards do their job and make it impossible to clog your gutters by eliminating stress throughout the system. And we’re Tennessee’s ONLY MasterShield gutter guard contractor!
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Man installing gutterMan installing gutter

Storm Damage Services

Roof destroyed by stormHome damaged by storm

Storm Damage Services

Your roof is your home’s or business’s first line of defense against inclement weather, and you need it to hold up in a storm. If a storm has damaged your roof, you need immediate roof repair to prevent structural issues, moisture damage, and internal problems with your home. ‍The Metal Roofers offers professional storm damage roof repair services. We can take care of any storm damage, and we provide a supportive service to help you file a successful insurance claim.

Your home may experience several types of storm damage such as wind, hail or even a tornado, and each one can affect the condition of your roof in a different way. In some cases, your roof only has cosmetic damage, which comes with the risk of other problems over time. In other cases, your roof may no longer function properly, and you will need a complete restoration.

The Metal Roofers offers a wide range of storm damage services to restore your roof’s appearance and functionality. Along with exceptional quality, we offer upfront pricing, a free consultation, and a thorough inspection to determine your roof’s condition.

  • Storm Damage Repair
    Our storm damage repair offers you the ideal solution if your roof is in fair condition but has defects such as loose flashing, missing shingles, or isolated water damage. Our professional team of contractors will come to your property, assess the issue, and provide you with a free quote before we complete the repair.
  • Storm Damage Restoration
    In the case of extensive deterioration or storm damage, your roof may no longer function well as a structural component. In these cases, we recommend a complete storm damage restoration. This service is often necessary after a hurricane, high winds, or severe hail storms. As part of our storm damage restoration, we will install new tiles or shingles, flashing, gutters, and tornado straps.
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
    After a storm causes damage to your roof, you have to go through the tedious process of dealing with your insurance provider and filing a claim. The Metal Roofers has an in-depth understanding of the relevant insurance processes, and we will assist you with this process to speed it up and make life easier for you.
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Roof destroyed by stormHome damaged by storm

Interior & Exterior Renovation Services

Exterior RennovationExterior Rennovation

Exterior Renovation Services

Ready to do some additional work on your home beyond just the roof. We’ve got you covered! Our team of experts can handle most home renovation projects on exterior of your house. It's a great time to replace siding and fascia or add that covered porch you've always wanted while your roof is being replaced.

Framing, Siding & Fascia

While your roof is getting a facelift, why not also let us look at the siding, fascia, soffit and trim on the house. Whether it needs to be repaired, replaced, repainted or redesigned altogether, we can look at the exterior of your house as a whole and help you upgrade it to the look you've always wanted at the same time as your roof replacement!

Exterior Renovations

From adding on a deck or covered porch to placing shutters on windows, we can help with smaller exterior renovations on your home so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple contractors during your metal roof installation.

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Exterior RennovationExterior Rennovation

Interior & Exterior Renovation Services

Exterior RennovationExterior Rennovation

Roof Inspections & Repairs

Even with the highest quality materials and the best roofers performing the installation, storms and age cause wear and tear on even the sturdiest of roofs. That’s why it’s necessary to have your roof checked periodically to ensure that it is functioning as it should.

Roof inspections are completed by qualified roofing team members who know exactly what to look for when it comes to damaged roofs. Hopefully, nothing will be found. However, there’s a chance you won’t even know that your roof has a problem until a trained professional has a look for themselves.

At The Metal Roofers, our Nashville roofers perform quick and efficient roof inspections for our neighbors to ensure the safety of our community and long-lasting roofs. Whether there’s a leak causing water damage or you need to check to see if your home’s structure can handle heavier roofing, our trusted specialists are trained to identify even the tiniest of problems.

Roof Repairs

If an issue is uncovered, identifying it early and having it repaired can save you tremendously in the long term. From time and money to potentially dangerous outcomes, if a bad roof is left in disrepair for too long; it can end up costing you. Fixing a few leaks here and there instead of having to complete a full roof replacement is a much better tradeoff. It’s cheaper and can be done in just a day. Even fixing the early stages of a leak could save you from dangerous consequences like mold that can seriously affect your health if left unattended.

Structural damage to your roofing like missing tiles or broken panels can also negatively affect the energy efficiency of your roof. Regular roof inspections and repairs ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment by making sure your energy costs are as low as possible, and your roof is functioning the way it should.

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