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The go-to company for metal roofers in Shelbyville TN – #1 contractor for repairs, replacements & insurance claims.

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The Metal Roofers are made up of a team of highly skilled roofing contractors in Shelbyville who have dedicated their time and craft to creating beautiful roofing solutions for homeowners in the city of Shelbyville, TN. The Metal Roofers are proud to be a part of the esteemed Metal Roofing Alliance. We take pride in providing your home with only the best metal roofing services in all of Tennessee. Metal roofing is currently leading the market as one of the most durable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly roofing systems. That’s why we offer extensive financing plans so that you’re able to afford the roof you’ve always wanted.

American Metal

Protect your home or business with the strength and durability of American engineering. We exclusively use top-grade American steel and aluminum to ensure unmatched quality. Choose a roof that stands the test of time - choose American metal and choose reliability.

Yes, Really a Lifetime

Our metal won’t rust, rot, or deteriorate and will never lose strength with age. The unique, patented products we install make them the ideal material to produce high-quality, permanent roofing. It's a non-prorated, lifetime transferrable warranty unsurpassed in the roofing industry.

Precision Engineering

Meticulously engineered for durability and aesthetic grace, our roofs are more than just a protective layer; they're a statement of elegance. Crafted with precision, each roof we install is a testament to our commitment to excellence, blending seamlessly with the architectural beauty of your property.

Protection and Safety

Engineered for resilience, our roofs are warrantied to withstand winds of up to 180 MPH, ensuring robust protection against even the most severe weather. With a high Class IV Hail Rating, our roofs are proven to endure impacts from hail the size of golf balls, safeguarding your home from unpredictable elements. Additionally, the fire-resistant material we use offers an extra layer of security.

We Install All Metal Types And Styles

Our experts install a wide array of metal roofing types, catering to a diverse range of architectural styles and preferences. We handle everything from the classic elegance of metal shingles and the modern aesthetic of standing seam to the timeless beauty of traditional panels. Beyond these, we extend our expertise to include specialized metals like durable and naturally elegant copper, corrosion-resistant zinc, versatile aluminum, and robust steel. Each material is chosen for its unique benefits and visual appeal, ensuring that every installation, whether it's the traditional look of shingles, the sleek lines of a standing seam, or the distinct character of copper or zinc, is carried out with precision and a commitment to long-lasting quality and performance.

5 stars
May 3, 2022
Well pleased.   These guys are the best. The good guys of roofing.  Very helpful and professional during whole process. Thanks Ritz and Javier for honest and quality work.  Glad I found metal roofers of Nashville. Provided the best price and outstanding workmanship. They get my top recommendation.
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5 stars
May 1, 2022
K Withers
Amazing company.  Mitch does an excellent job explaining each step of the process. They were right on time through every phase even with all the rain. Wish we could give 10 stars.
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5 stars
March 31, 2022
William Glidwell
The crews were good at their job and they were fast-no wasted time. Add to that, they were polite and friendly. Who could ask for more? Thank you to the company and the workers.
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5 stars
April 2, 2022
John Grant
Will always recommend the metal roofers to friends and family, they made my new roof installation easy and stress free. They came out to review the project only days after I called them and were able to quote me a price that same day. I have a 1450 sqft home single story and they were able to finish the project from removing old metal and installing the new roof in one day. The site manager and crew were extremely professional and left zero mess, not a single screw was left after clean-up. 10/10 don't bother calling anyone else, just save your valuable time and trust Mitch and his team to do everything right the first time.
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5 stars
Feb 4, 2022
John Barker
Wow! I'm not one who writes a lot of reviews, but when service and products are superior, I like to spread the word. The Metal Roofers were great. I had an addition to our house that needed a metal roof to match. Not huge, but 50+ feet across. Mitch was timely, professional and great to work with. Interestingly, when the crew arrived (on-time) on the day of installation, the materials being delivered (from another company) got delivered to the wrong address. Ha. But the Metal Roofer team hung around, got it re-delivered, and knocked out the project on-time, and well done at that. I was expecting the install to get delayed a day or two, but they kept at it. Much appreciated. And the quality is exceptional and we are very pleased. No reason for us to ever look elsewhere when a need like this comes up for us in the future. Thanks Mitch and team.
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5 stars
Aug 12, 2021
Michael Saint-Leon
I’m very happy with the work The Metal Roofers did for me. Mitch is easy to work with and the crew is one of the most efficient I’ve ever dealt with. I recommend them to everyone who needs a roof!
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Property Owners in Shelbyville Choose Metal Roofs To Take Advantage Of Their Many Benefits, Including:

Durability icon

Durability of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs handle even the harshest weather conditions without issues. Falling debris and animal activity are no match for these sturdy structures.
Long Lasting icon

Metal Roofs are Long Lasting

Metal roofs typically last between 50 and 70 years. As a result, you save significant money in the long-term by not having to replace your roof every 20 years.
Easy maintenance icon

Easy Maintenance

Metal roofs don’t require time consuming preventative maintenance. While you will still need to clean your metal roof, the resources required are minimal when compared to other roofing materials.
Eco-friendly icon

Eco Friendly

Most metal roofs consist of recycled and recyclable materials. You can repurpose the roof when it’s time for a new one, instead of sending more trash to the landfill.

Metal Roof vs. Shingle Roof Savings Calculator

Metal vs. Shingle Roof Savings Over the Lifetime

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Total Lifetime Savings

Home Insurance Premium Savings
Energy Savings
DISCLAIMER: This is not a guarantee on pricing or savings, but gives general range of savings. The Metal Roofers cannot give an accurate price or savings expectation without first seeing the home due to factors such as roof design, multiple stories, type of metal roofing, and more. Likewise, insurance companies vary in their premium reductions for metal roofs and energy savings depend on numerous variables.
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Metal Roofer vs Shingle Roof
The Metal Roofers offer a comprehensive roofing services plan to all those who need it in the city of Shelbyville. Whether it's a roof replacement, siding or gutter installations, insurance claims assistance and pretty much everything in between, you can rely on the best metal roofing company in town.

Why should I choose a metal roof over other roofing materials?

Today’s metal roofing systems are built to last. Our pre-painted metal roofing is much stronger and more durable than traditional asphalt shingle roofing as well as virtually maintenance free. Homeowners who invest in metal roofing can further decrease their roof’s life cycle cost by:

  • Reducing energy bills by reflecting heat in the summer.
  • Reducing insurance prices and chances of structural damage due to severe weather such as hail, high winds, and fires.
  • Lastly, metal roofs are 100% recyclable at the end of a long, useful life making them very environmentally friendly versus asphalt shingles. This reduces the burden on our local landfills.

Will a metal roof improve the resale value of my home?

Yes. A metal roof on a home can improve that home’s resale value by 1 to 6 percent when compared with an asphalt-shingle home. Additionally, you’ll recoup an average of 85.9 percent of your costs on a metal roof.

Unlike shingled roofs that will depreciate your home's value, your metal roof will maintain your investment and give you a strong ROI(return on investment).

Can I save money with my homeowner’s insurance?

Yes. Older roofs are susceptible to leaking, shingle loss, etc.  That’s why having a newly installed metal roof can help save on insurance premiums. Insurance companies look favorably on metal roofing because research has shown that homes with metal roofs receive less damage from storms and house fires, which means the company is much less likely to have to pay an insurance claim. Durable and fire resistant, metal roofs are usually the most appealing to your insurance company.

Is the warranty transferable?

Yes. Having a metal roof installed on your home can be a very comforting feeling knowing that if and when you may decide to sell your home, you will be able to offer a transferable roof warranty to your new buyer.

Are there any energy savings with a metal roof?

Yes. Asphalt shingles absorb a lot of heat, and that heat doesn’t stop at the roofline; it streams into the structure and increases the indoor temperature by 20 to 25 degrees [source: Florida Solar Energy Center]. Metal roofs, on the other hand, reflect the sun’s heat away from a building, leading to energy savings of about 50 percent, and they can be about 100 degrees cooler on the surface than traditional asphalt roofs [source: MRCA]. A shingle roof also weakens and curls over time, making it less of a full-proof barrier for the effects of rain, wind and other environmental forces, and necessitating roof maintenance and earlier replacement. A metal roof doesn’t take in all of the heat, it is very resistant to the elements when installed correctly, and it lasts much longer, needing little if any maintenance.

Our metal roofs all receive the coveted Energy Star rating.

Will my new metal roof rust or fade?

No. Galvalume coated steel roofing panels are protected by layers of metallic and polymer coatings. Industry studies have repeatedly shown them to outperform the corrosion resistance of other coated metals. The corrosion resistance of our steel roofing is so exceptional, even our unpainted roof panels carry a 25 year limited warranty. We also use the same corrosion resistant steel with our 40-year paint system, providing you the highest level of corrosion protection you can get in the industry.

How will my new metal roof hold up to high winds?

‍Metal roofing products are extremely wind resistant and can withstand years of abuse from high winds. Wind warranties can be as high as 140 MPH on many styles of metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Providers

Financing Designed To Fix Your Needs

We are excited to be able to offer multiple financing solutions for our customers. Because of this, we are much more equipped to help customers find financing where other roofing providers fail to. Our financing can give you instant approval for any size roofing job with no hidden fees, prepayment penalties, or lengthy applications!
Depending on the financing option you choose and your unique situation, customers can get:
Approval On Credit Scores As Low As 600
Rates As Low As 8.99%
Financing Terms Of Up To 15 Years
Lending Up To $100k
No Prepayment Penalties Or Hidden Costs
You may even qualify to have your first 3 monthsof payments covered for FREE by The Metal Roofers!


Roof Replacement

We Help Move Along The Insurance Process, So You Get Your New Roof Faster!

It can be frustrating to deal with your insurance company after your roof suffers damage from a storm, a leak or other issue that falls under your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Don’t fret - we can help! As experts in helping our customers secure coverage for their roof, we know the insurance process inside and out and can walk you through step by step.

Roof Inspection

First, we’ll come take a look at your roof. Roof inspections are completed by qualified roofing team members who know exactly what to look for when it comes to damaged roofs. We’ll take pictures and document damage to help you build a case for your insurance claim.

Schedule a Visit with an Insurance Adjuster

An adjuster from your insurance company will come out and inspect your roof to determine the scope of work and what will be covered by your policy. Afterwards, we can meet with you to help clarify any questions you may have and discuss next steps for moving your roof replacement forward.

Insurance Repair Estimate

The insurance company will approve the work required as long as it’s covered under the policy, and issue a repair estimate as well as the funds needed to cover the repairs.

Roof Renovation or Replacement

After working with you and your insurance provider to ensure everyone is in alignment with the scope of work, we will acquire the materials and start installing your new roof. The duration of the project depends on several factors, including the roofing materials we install, whether or not you have an old roof that we need to remove, the type of roof decking, and the size of your home. Installing materials such as natural slate or concrete tile can take as long as nine days. However, we can complete a flat roofing or asphalt shingle installation within a day or two.

Inspections & Certificate of Completion

Depending on where you live, you may require a city inspection to ensure proper installation and that all code requirements were met. Once all final inspections are performed, we’ll issue a certificate of completion.

Payments & Mortgage Company Inspection

After the work is completed, we’ll notify your insurance company. The insurance company typically makes out your settlement check to you and the mortgage lender. In some cases, the mortgage company may perform their own inspection after the project is completed.

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The Metal Roofing Company of Choice!

Our Metal Roofing Company stands out as the top-choice of metal roofing companies in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Our dedicated team of roofing experts specializes in the meticulous installation of standing seam metal roof systems, setting the standard for excellence. As trusted local Shelbyville roofing contractors, we bring quality work to every project, whether it's roof repairs, attic insulation, or addressing the diverse needs of multiple types of roof styles.

We understand the significance of your investment and can work closely with your insurance company to ensure a seamless process and exceptional outcomes. Our commitment to providing the best metal roofing options in Shelbyville is unwavering, making us The Shelbyville Metal Roofing Experts that both commercial and residential clients rely on. From durable commercial roofing solutions to exquisite residential projects, our skilled professionals deliver nothing short of excellence. When it comes to roofing, we're not just a contractor – we're The Metal Roofing Contractor you can trust to transform your property with distinction.

Considering roofing options in Tennessee? Look no further than The Metal Roofers - The Metal Roofing Company of choice, your trusted partner for exceptional solutions. As the best roofer in the area, we specialize in metal roofing installation that goes beyond conventional choices like asphalt shingles. The debate between ashphalt shingles vs metal roof is easily settled when you experience the longevity, energy efficiency, and durability that metal roofing provides.

"I followed my realtor's recommendation for the best Shelbyville roofer near me when a storm damaged half my roof, and The Metal Roofers exceeded my expectations. Their exceptional service and expertise in metal roofing made my project a seamless and successful experience. I highly recommend The Metal Roofers to anyone in search of top-notch roofing solutions." - Robert P.

In a state prone to sudden weather shifts, water damage roof replacement with Metal is a reliable solution we offer. We understand Tennessee's climate demands, and our experts ensure your investment stands up to the test. With a focus on quality, The Metal Roofing Company is your go-to source for roofing solutions that last. Join the countless satisfied clients who have chosen us as their roofing partner in Shelbyville TN.

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