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We provide Tennessee homeowners with a complimentary roof and attic inspection. We can then help explain our process, metal products, financing options, insurance assistance, and answer any additional questions.
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Complete Roof Repair

When storms strike, the integrity of your roof can be severely compromised. We specialize in storm damage repair, providing swift, effective solutions to restore your roof and safeguard your property. Understanding the urgency of storm-related damages, our team is poised to respond quickly, ensuring that your roof is attended to with the utmost care and professionalism. Storm damage to roofs can vary from minor shingle damage to major structural issues. Our skilled professionals are adept at handling all types of storm damage, whether it’s caused by heavy rain, hail, high winds, or fallen debris.

Insurance Assistance

In addition to the physical repair work, we also offer assistance with insurance claims. Navigating insurance processes can be daunting, and our team is here to provide guidance and support, helping you understand and exercise your policy to its fullest extent. We understand the stress and disruption caused by storm damage. That's why we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate service to get your roof, and your life, back to normal as quickly as possible. Trust us to be your partner in recovery, delivering repairs that stand the test of time and the elements.

Initial Roof Inspection
Our expert team conducts a thorough inspection to assess the damage. This initial evaluation is crucial in determining the extent of damage and forming the foundation of your insurance claim.‍

Identifying All Damages: We meticulously identify all types of damages, including those that are often overlooked.

Photographic Documentation: Our team captures detailed photographs as evidence of the damage.

Comprehensive Reports: We provide a complete report of our findings, aiding in your insurance claim.
Filing Your Insurance Claim
We guide you through the process of filing your claim, ensuring all necessary documentation is accurately submitted.

Navigating Policy Details: Understanding the intricacies of your policy to maximize claim potential.

Documentation Submission: Assisting in submitting all required documents to your insurance provider.
Talking With Insurance Adjusters
We collaborate with you and the insurance adjuster, advocating on your behalf to ensure all damages are fairly evaluated and included in the claim.

‍‍Joint Inspections: Accompanying the adjuster during their inspection.

Advocacy and Representation
: Actively advocating for your best interests during adjuster meetings.
Insurance Repair Estimate Approval and Completion
Post-inspection, we provide a detailed repair estimate which is submitted for approval to your insurance company.

Upon approval, we proceed with the roof renovation or replacement, using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Repairs Guarantee

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Quick assessment and completion of repairs
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Extend your roof’s lifespan up to 70+ years!
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Avoid things like mold and high energy bills

Hear From Our Customers

5 stars
May 3, 2022
Well pleased.   These guys are the best. The good guys of roofing.  Very helpful and professional during whole process. Thanks Ritz and Javier for honest and quality work.  Glad I found metal roofers of Nashville. Provided the best price and outstanding workmanship. They get my top recommendation.
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5 stars
May 1, 2022
K Withers
Amazing company.  Mitch does an excellent job explaining each step of the process. They were right on time through every phase even with all the rain. Wish we could give 10 stars.
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5 stars
March 31, 2022
William Glidwell
The crews were good at their job and they were fast-no wasted time. Add to that, they were polite and friendly. Who could ask for more? Thank you to the company and the workers.
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5 stars
April 2, 2022
John Grant
Will always recommend the metal roofers to friends and family, they made my new roof installation easy and stress free. They came out to review the project only days after I called them and were able to quote me a price that same day. I have a 1450 sqft home single story and they were able to finish the project from removing old metal and installing the new roof in one day. The site manager and crew were extremely professional and left zero mess, not a single screw was left after clean-up. 10/10 don't bother calling anyone else, just save your valuable time and trust Mitch and his team to do everything right the first time.
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5 stars
Feb 4, 2022
John Barker
Wow! I'm not one who writes a lot of reviews, but when service and products are superior, I like to spread the word. The Metal Roofers were great. I had an addition to our house that needed a metal roof to match. Not huge, but 50+ feet across. Mitch was timely, professional and great to work with. Interestingly, when the crew arrived (on-time) on the day of installation, the materials being delivered (from another company) got delivered to the wrong address. Ha. But the Metal Roofer team hung around, got it re-delivered, and knocked out the project on-time, and well done at that. I was expecting the install to get delayed a day or two, but they kept at it. Much appreciated. And the quality is exceptional and we are very pleased. No reason for us to ever look elsewhere when a need like this comes up for us in the future. Thanks Mitch and team.
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5 stars
Aug 12, 2021
Michael Saint-Leon
I’m very happy with the work The Metal Roofers did for me. Mitch is easy to work with and the crew is one of the most efficient I’ve ever dealt with. I recommend them to everyone who needs a roof!
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