What Should I Do If My Roof Has Storm Damage?

What Should I Do If My Roof Has Storm Damage?

Nov 3, 2023

A roof does more than encapsulate the essence of shelter; it stands as a sentinel, guarding against the often harsh and unforgiving wrath of Mother Nature. Each storm, with its unique temperament, poses a different challenge—be it the violent dance of winds, the relentless torrent of rain, the merciless pummeling of hail, or the icy grasp of winter’s chill. Each leaves a unique signature of damage, often necessitating repairs or even replacement.

With a legacy spanning over three decades, The Metal Roofers have been the beacon of hope for homeowners navigating the aftermath of storm-inflicted damage. Our mission extends beyond mere repairs; we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding, guiding you through the stormy labyrinth of roof restoration and insurance claims.

In this elucidative guide, we unravel the steps you should undertake if your roof bears the brunt of a storm. Additionally, we'll demystify the insurance claim process, arming you with the knowledge to secure the necessary repairs. And as a token of our commitment to your safety, we present a meticulous Storm Damage checklist at the end, aiding in the identification of storm damage from the sanctuary of the ground.

Your Prompt Response to Storm Damage: The Initial Steps

1. Reach Out to Your Insurance Provider:

At the first inkling of roof damage, your homeowner's insurance company should be your initial contact. Providing them with a detailed account is pivotal. The subsequent actions largely depend on your geographical location and the protocols of your insurance company.

Scenario A: The Arrival of an Insurance Adjuster

Your insurance provider might schedule an adjuster to assess the damage. Post-evaluation, they will either green-light your claim or deny it based on the observed damage. An approved claim signals the time to scout for a reliable roofing contractor well-versed in managing insurance claims.

Scenario B: The Local Roofing Contractor Takes the Stage

Alternatively, your insurance company may advise seeking a local roofing contractor for a preliminary inspection. Documented evidence of the suspected damage is then submitted to the insurance company. If the damage warrants further investigation, an insurance adjuster will then be dispatched for a thorough inspection.

Sailing Through The Insurance Claim Waters: A Guided Voyage

Navigating through the insurance claim process can resemble a voyage through turbulent waters. Here’s a compass to keep you on course:

1. The Murky Waters of Claims:

The realm of roofing and insurance claims harbors entities that may not prioritize your best interest. Some may capitalize on the situation, exploiting homeowners in distress. Forewarned is forearmed.

2. The Signature Snare:

Some roofing firms may attempt to coerce homeowners into premature contract signings. An honorable contractor will offer an honest assessment without any binding commitments from you.

3. The Adjuster’s Judgement:

Despite a contractor's assessment, the insurance adjuster holds the final verdict on claim approval.

4. The Human Element:

Insurance adjusters, being human, are prone to errors. A denied claim can be revisited by requesting a second adjuster or even engaging an engineer for an unbiased inspection.

5. Choosing Your Roofing Gladiator:

Upon claim approval, the choice of a roofing contractor is a critical decision. Ensure they boast a stellar track record in handling storm damage repairs and insurance claims.

Unmasking Storm Damage: The Visual Clues

Identifying storm damage can sometimes resemble a detective's endeavor. Our Storm Damage checklist aids in spotting the subtle signs of damage from a vantage point of safety, assisting in the decision to file a claim.

The Metal Roofers: Your Ally in Roof Restoration and Claims

At The Metal Roofers, we transcend the traditional contractor paradigm. Our team is adorned with insurance adjuster experience, positioning us uniquely to advocate fervently for your claim. Our endeavor is to ensure you receive the entitlement your policy provides, smoothing the path towards restoring the sanctuary your home once was.


Storms are transient, yet their scars on your roof can be enduring. Timely intervention, coupled with insightful knowledge and a reputable roofing contractor, can herald the restoration of peace and the fortress of security your home symbolizes. The Metal Roofers strive to be your guiding light amidst the tempest, steering you towards restoration and serenity.

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