The Most Popular Metal Roofing For Your Nashville Home

The Most Popular Metal Roofing For Your Nashville Home

Feb 22, 2021

Metal roofs have many distinct advantages over other roofing materials. They are durable, lightweight, easy to install and are fireproof. With a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, The Metal Roofers can achieve virtually any look you want for your home.

Types of Metal Roofing That We Offer

Metal offers a wide spectrum of variations and materials under its umbrella, all of which can be installed by The Metal Roofers. These are some of the most popular metal roofing varieties:

Classic Panel Metal Roof

The classic panel metal roof has many benefits that homeowners and business owners are attracted to. The classic panel metal roof is durable, cost-effective, eco-friendly and suitable for all home types. This roofing option enables smoother water runoff and is highly reflective. This also makes it highly energy-efficient.

Premier Panel Metal Roof

The premier panel metal roof is definitely one of the best-looking metal roofing alternatives. It’s unique finish is one of its stand-out features and one that is bound to increase the home’s curb appeal. The premier panel metal roof is highly durable and has an increased aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank.

Steel Roofing

A popular choice for roofing in hail-prone areas particularly, steel roofing is super durable and low maintenance, which ranks it high on the longevity scale. Like most commercial metal roofing materials, heat reflection also contributes to reduced energy use and costs.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing-seam is the most popular iteration of metal roofing. Essentially, this type of roofing raises the seams beyond the level of the actual roof, thereby creating panels that run from the ridge to the eaves of the roof. Its interlocking system ensures that a watertight seal is created, and also makes it one of the strongest, most reliable roof systems on the market today.

Advantages of Metal Roofs

Metal is one of the most reliable roofing materials on the market for both residential and commercial roofs. These are some of the characteristics that make it a great roofing option:


Metal roofing holds up well against all types of harsh weather conditions. It is even able to withstand debris and animal activity. The impact of severe weather in the Nashville area makes metal roofing an excellent choice for durability.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance on a metal roof is so easy that you could almost install it and forget about it. As with any roofing material, regular maintenance is a must, but the upkeep on a metal roof is so limited, that compared to other solutions like shingles, concrete, or tile, you’ll have a worry-free roof and save on costs in the long run.


Its durability and ease of maintenance contribute to metal roofs lasting a very long time – up to 50-70 years. That means that you may very well never have to replace your home’s roof again in your lifetime.
Environmentally Friendly

In most cases, a quality metal roof will be made of anything from 35% – 95% recyclable and/or recycled material. While the lifespan of a metal roof will be very long, when it does come time to remove it for whatever reason, the entire thing will be 100% recyclable, as opposed to being dumped in a landfill. In addition, its heat-reflecting capabilities mean the homeowner will save on home energy costs too, by reducing the need for cooling in the home.


While your metal roof will cost more upfront to install, it will cost less over its lifetime. The long-term investment is well worth it considering the reduction of maintenance and repair costs over the roof’s lifetime – a far cry from alternatives like asphalt shingles. On top of that, metal roof warranties also tend to be exceptional.

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