Should I Install A Metal Roof On My Rental Property?

Should I Install A Metal Roof On My Rental Property?

Feb 22, 2021

For most landlords, one question guides every decision on their rental. Will this decision make or cost me money in the long run? Even though aesthetics and other factors are important, the dominant thought in landlords’ minds is how to make or save money. This is why rental property roof replacement and maintenance is such a big issue for rental property operators.

Installing a new roof on a rental is an expense most landlords want to put off for as long as they can, explains Cory Real Estate Services. But even when they manage to install the new roof, the owner’s troubles are not over. Keeping the home’s roof in good condition to prevent damage and premature roof replacement is another battle.

That is why most landlords want a roofing system that is cost-effective, durable, and able to solve their roofing problems in one fell swoop. That roofing system exists in the form of metal roofing. Most roofs are from asphalt, clay, concrete, or slate, but a metal roof has qualities that make it superior to these other materials.

What is a Metal Roof, and why is it the Best for your Rental Property?

They are roofing sheets made from tin, zinc, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, or composite metals (materials derived from several metals and combining their different strengths). Although metal roofs have been around for ages, newer metal roofing is nothing like its predecessors. These offer more in terms of design and functionality. And that is why metal roofs have been rapidly gaining ground on asphalt shingles in the market.

Why is a Metal Roof the Recommended Roofing Material for your Rental Property?

1. Landlords never have to change your roof more than once

Traditional roofs, such as asphalt, have a lifespan of 10-20 years, and in the time a landlord owns the rental, they probably have to change its roof at least once. But this is not the case with a metal roof, which can last 50-70 years. With a metal roof, landlords only have to change their property’s roof once during their ownership. And if it is like those by The Metal Roofers, which come with Galvalume-coated steel panels overlaid with metallic/polymer coatings, that roof can last up to 75 years.

2. Metal Roofs have Lower Long-Term Costs

The initial cost of buying a metal roof is more than the cost of installing an asphalt roof. But the long terms costs of the two materials are incomparable. The relatively high failure rate wipes out Asphalt’s initial lower expenses. Where metal roofs have a lifetime of 75+ years, asphalt has a lifespan of 10-20 years. Effectively, this makes a metal roof more than two times cheaper than asphalt roofing. And if you add to this the financing options available, when you buy your roof from The Metal Roofers, asphalt roofs lose their advantage.

3. Little or No Maintenance Needed

Metal roofs are resistant to rot, termites, and structural damage. Metal roofs (like the ones found here) are resistant to hail, high winds, debris, and fire; they have wind warranties for up to 140 MPH. And if the sheets have this corrosion-resistant steel with its 40-year paint system, the chances of the roof ever rusting is nil. Unlike asphalt roofs, metal roofs are not susceptible to leaking, moss/algae growth, or shingle loss. That is why insurance companies offer a lower premium if a home has a metal roof; the companies know that the risk of claims is minimal.

4. A Range of Options to Choose from and Improved Curb Appeal

Two main concerns landlords have when they think of installing a metal roof are aesthetics and noise. But the assumption that metal roofs are noisier than asphalt roofs is unfounded. Under the force of rain or hail, metal roofs are not louder than asphalt. Their installation is over a solid substrate, and the underlying insulation offers a further sound barrier. Another concern is curb appeal. But there are metal roofs with designs that mimic the appearance of other roof types. And even better, they come in a range of colors.

5. Metal Roofs are More Energy-Efficient

In the long-term, a metal roof can pay for itself through savings on the home’s energy bills and lower insurance premiums. A metal roof will reflect, rather than absorb, most of the sun’s heat. That can lower the home’s cooling costs by as much as 25%. If you coat the roof with shiny/granular coating, energy savings can be up to 50%. On the other hand, asphalt shingles absorb the sun’s heat and are about 100 degrees warmer on their surface than metal roofs. Furthermore, unlike metal roofs, asphalt roofs will eventually weaken and curl under the sun’s assault.

Finally, you can install a metal roof in one week but use weeks for an asphalt roof. And if that roof comes from The Metal Roofers, the warranty on it is transferable. That is a big draw for buyers. The qualities of roofing make them superbly fitted for the needs of a rental, where speed, cost-saving, and low-maintenance are essential considerations.

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