Can I Use My Roof Insurance Claim to Switch to A Metal Roof?

Can I Use My Roof Insurance Claim to Switch to A Metal Roof?

Dec 10, 2023

Understanding Your Roof Insurance Options in Tennessee

For homeowners in Tennessee, especially in areas prone to harsh weather like Nashville, understanding the specifics of your roof insurance is crucial. Often, after a storm or unexpected event damages your roof, you might contemplate whether your insurance claim can cover switching to a more durable and efficient roofing option, such as metal roofing.

The Fundamentals of Roof Insurance Claims

When you file a claim for roof damage, typically due to natural events like storms or unforeseen accidents, your homeowner's insurance policy comes into play. However, the coverage is often specific about the type of damage it covers. Standard policies usually cover damages from sudden, accidental events but may exclude gradual wear and tear or neglect.

Can You Upgrade to Metal Roofing?

The good news for Tennessee homeowners is that when your insurance claim is approved for roof damage, particularly if caused by a storm, you're generally not restricted to replacing your damaged roof with the same material. This opens up the opportunity to upgrade to a metal roof, which can offer several long-term benefits.

Evaluating Your Current Roof

Before proceeding, it's important to assess the condition of your current roof. In Tennessee, roofs that are over 20 years old may have limited coverage. The assessment helps determine if the damage warrants a complete replacement and whether an upgrade is feasible under your policy.

Insurance Claims Process: A Closer Look

When you file a roof insurance claim, especially for storm damage in Tennessee, the process generally involves an adjuster who inspects your roof to verify the claim. They assess the extent of the damage and confirm if it meets the policy's criteria for a replacement. The adjuster's report is crucial in determining the amount the insurance will cover.

The Benefits of Switching to Metal Roofing

Opting for metal roofing in a state like Tennessee, where weather can be severe, offers numerous advantages:

  1. Durability and Longevity: Metal roofs are known for their resilience and long lifespan, making them ideal for the unpredictable Nashville climate.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Metal roofs are excellent in reflecting solar heat, leading to lower energy consumption and costs.
  3. Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional materials, metal roofs require less upkeep, which is beneficial in the long run.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Metal roofs come in various styles and colors, enhancing the curb appeal of your home.
  5. Eco-Friendly Option: Metal roofs are often made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

How to Proceed with the Upgrade

Once your claim is approved, here are the steps to follow for upgrading to a metal roof:

  1. Consult a Professional Roofing Company: In Tennessee, companies like The Metal Roofers can provide expert advice on metal roofing options and the insurance claim process.
  2. Review the Insurance Estimate: Ensure that the insurance estimate covers the necessary scope of work. It's advisable to have your roofing contractor review the estimate for any discrepancies or overlooked damages.
  3. Understand the Costs: Typically, the homeowner is responsible for the deductible and any cost difference between the current roofing material and the new metal roof.
  4. Hire a Reputable Metal Roofing Company: Choosing a local, experienced metal roofing company is crucial. They should be familiar with Tennessee's specific requirements and offer a warranty on their work.

Navigating Insurance Claims in Nashville

In Nashville, where storms are a common occurrence, working with a roofing company experienced in handling storm damage is key. They can assist in every step of the insurance claim process, ensuring that you maximize your claim and get the best possible outcome.

Long-Term Financial Benefits

Upgrading to a metal roof, though initially more expensive, can be financially beneficial in the long run. The durability of metal roofs means fewer repairs and replacements over time. Additionally, some insurance companies may offer premium discounts for homes with metal roofs due to their increased resistance to damage.


For homeowners in Tennessee, especially in Nashville, leveraging a roof insurance claim to upgrade to a metal roof can be a wise decision. It not only enhances the durability and efficiency of your home but also can be financially advantageous in the long term. Consulting with professional roofers like The Metal Roofers ensures that you make informed decisions and get the most out of your insurance claim.

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