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Solar Partnership Program

Currently Partnering with Roofing Companies Nationwide!

Our solar partnership program provides a seamless system that is low effort for both the roofer and their customer. Commercial roofing companies nationwide can now easily sell solar to their existing customers, generating additional revenue through commissions, and add solar as part of their bids on new roofing jobs.

About the Program

We are looking to partner with commercial roofers nationwide who are interested in increasing their bottom line and offering solar to their new and existing clients. We provide the sales training, handle the data management to generate solar proposals, and offer general support for commercial roofing companies who are interested in confidently offering solar services to their customers.
Going solar is typically a complicated and time consuming process for most businesses who want it, and most don’t even know how to go about it. Additionally, most solar companies are behind the times and don’t offer the most affordable, financially sound path forward. Our program and systems allow roofers to offer solar with only two steps required from their customer: sharing a utility bill with the roofer, and opting in to the initial solar proposal. Once signed, the solar installation planning process starts within a matter of days, instead of weeks or months like with most solar installers.

How Does It Work?

During the bidding process, ask a customer if you can share a solar proposal.
Get a copy of the building’s energy utility bill.
Share the bill with us, and we can start the proposal for the EPC fulfillment.
Once signed, Correlate has engineers out starting the solar installation planning process within a matter of days.

Benefits for Commercial Roofers

  • Provides additional revenue per customer with minimal effort.
  • Roofers are paid a commission for each solar job installed, depending on size, which can generate more revenue using the information they already have (building roof size, layout, etc.)
  • Gives roofers a competitive advantage for their roofing bids by providing fast solar proposals, which also saves the company money each month.

Benefits for Customers

  • Our partnership with Correlate allows for companies to get solar installed in a way that generates a business net operating income after everything is said and done.
  • Correlate provides high quality, exceedingly affordable solar, and they install and finance in a way that a customer will save average costs against their existing energy bills.
  • NO upfront capital expenditure, meaning it will cost a business no money, and generate them income.
  • Quick turnaround - Correlate has engineers out starting the solar installation planning process within a matter of days, instead of weeks or months like with most solar installers.
We have partnered with Correlate, a national solar energy services company, to handle all of the engineering, procurement, and construction fulfillment for businesses that are interested in going solar. Correlate has an extensive track record in executing portfolio scale renewable energy and comprehensive efficiency upgrades across the United States. Additional information about getting solar installed and generating net operating income can be found at Correlate’s current site.
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